Iquitos city is the capital of the department of Loreto, located in the heart of the Peruvian rainforest and next to the left river bank of the Amazon River. The Amazon basin is the natural reserve of more extensive and more variety life of the Earth where you will discover abundant botanical and zoological species in amazing landscapes.

Stay in a jungle lodge for wildlife encounter or enjoy a cruise on a riverboat, Iquitos and the Amazon River are ideal places for lovers of the Eco-tourism and for the ones who want to feel an intimate contact with the virgin nature of the Amazon rainforests. Here you will be able to discover exuberant flora and fauna, with many undiscovered places and many alive species still unknown by science.

Iquitos Highlights

  • Design Your Trip to IquitosAmazon River Cruises: One of the most classic, comfortable and luxurious ways of seeing the jungle is to take a river cruise down the Amazon. You may not see loads of animals or even virgin jungle but you will have time to relax, enjoy a good book and watch the world go by. You may also wine and dine in style or take an afternoon siesta in your private cabin. Some cruises also include day walks into the jungle and visits to local villages.
  • Amazon River: The longest and mightiest river by volume on the planet, the only one where you can actually see the curve of the Earth, as if you were on the ocean itself. One can sail to the confluence of its two great tributaries: the Marañón and the Ucayali.
  • Our Selected Itineraries for IquitosIquitos City: The highlights of the city are the historic buildings as the majestic Iron House and the Belen Village. Some a small museums, commercial area in the Próspero Street, craft markets of the native tribes, as well as enjoy an excellent cuisine and typical drinks and beverages.
  • Pacaya Samiria National Reserve: It is the biggest National Reserve of Peru, the largest protected flooded forest of the world and one of the richest places in biological wealth on the planet. Between its biological diversity, we find 449 of tropical bird species, 102 of mammals, 256 known species of freshwater fish, 69 of reptiles and more than 1000 varieties of plants, as well as species in danger of extinction like the giant otter, the black lizard, the manatee and the pink dolphin of the Amazon.