Details have emerged regarding the sixth edition of Latin America’s largest culinary festival, Mistura, held in Lima, Peru each September. There’s a new beachfront location on the Costa Verde, a stellar lineup of invited chefs, and Gastón Acurio back on the planning team. Mistura 2013 runs from September 6-15.


Previous incarnations of Mistura have been held in the Parque de la Expocsion (2008-2011) and the Campo de Marte (2012), though it out grew both spaces and neither were ever exactly the right fit. APEGA, the Peruvian Gastronomic Society, which organizes the event, has signed an agreement with the Municipality of Magdalena to use a space of 2.5 kilometers on the Costa Verde for the next five years. This is a big step forward for both the festival and the ever-improving coastline.


Last years theme was based around Andean grains. This year it is water and aquatic resources, a major issue in Peru and particularly appropriate considering the new venue. Expect considerable attention being paid to seafood, artisanal fishermen, and diverse products from Peru’s Pacific coast.
The Food Stalls

This year Mistura will be organized into 12 worlds:
– Criollo (Creole)
– Las Brasas (Rotisserie)
– Cebiche (Ceviche)
– Anticucho (Anticuchos)
– Andino (Andean)
– Amazónico (Amazonian)
– Chifa y Nikkei (Chinese-Peruvian & Japanese-Peruvian)
– Norteño (Northern)
– Sureño (Southern)
-Sánguches (Sandwiches)
– De los Mundos (International)
– Tabernas y Bares + Pisco (Bars & Pisco)
*Additional sections include: Cacao (chocolate), Café (coffee), and Pan (bread)

At least a million people are expected to attend this year’s fair.

Mistura 2013 will run from September 6 to 15, 2013.