Guide to Travel in Peru


Passports: In order to visit Peru, you are required a valid passportfor at least six months from date of departure, containing at least two blank pages is necessary.

Visas: All passport holders should verify with their travel agent or relevant consultant concerning visa entry requirements. Travelers from the US, UK and Canada do not require visas. Please ensure that you have all the necessary visas prior to departure.


Because of the diverse types of weather in Peru, it could be difficult packing the appropriate travel clothing into your suitcase. You may encounter hot sun, showers or chilling winds. Be prepared to dress in layers adding and removing clothing as the temperature dictates.


The sun is very strong at the high altitudes of Cusco and Machu Picchu; no matter how cloudy or cool the day may seem at the top of mountain, you will get sunburned if you do not wear sunscreen, a hat, a scarf, or other sun-protective clothing. You may also want to bring aloe vera or some other mild, cooling after-sun gel, to help soothe the spots where the sunscreen may have rubbed off.


In this security conscious era, airline luggage restrictions may change without notice. Also, luggage limits vary depending on ticket class, plane size, destinations, etc. It is always best to confirm with airlines for specific limitations.

It’s highly recommended to travel LIGHT. One strong, medium size suitcase and carry-on bag per person should be adequate. People who make habit of traveling “light” report relatively trouble-free journeys uncomplicated by several pieces of luggage. We recommend that you hand carry on the plane in your daypack or hand luggage: Important documents, medicines and other irreplaceable items.


You may have a chance to visit a local community on your program. If you would like to distribute small gifts to the children, items such as pens, regular or colored pencils, small crayon packages, blank notebooks or notepads, barrettes or hair clips, t-shirts, or hotel toiletries are greatly appreciated.


Shaking hands is the customary form of greeting. Visitors should follow normal social courtesies and the atmosphere is generally informal. Dress is usually informal, although for some business meetings and social occasions men wear a jacket and tie. Life is conducted at a leisurely pace.