We thoroughly enjoyed our 16-day vacation trip that Peruvian Odyssey and both of you so ably helped us plan for this past summer. Your company and its representatives, guides, and drivers expended extensive efforts to help us tailor the itinerary to our particular interests in archaeological sites, including visits to Ollantaytambo, Machu Picchu, Lake Titicaca, the Islands of the Sun and Moon, Tiwanaku, and many other sites in central and southern Peru and adjacent Bolivia. And the guides that you chose for us for the various parts of our itinerary were very knowledgeable and very helpful at all points during the trip. They were always attentive to our interests, including helping us with last minute changes in sightseeing locations as we traveled, which helped us maximize our enjoyment of the tour.

A major highlight of our July trip was your company’s added extension, “A Magical Journey,” including the magnificent mountain scenery and wonderful archaeological sites we visited beginning in Cusco, traveling across Andean mountains and paramo of southern Peru, including Pampa Galeras Reserve and its wild herds of vicuñas and guanacos, as well as visiting sites in the Cuzco region, Nazca, Ica, and Paracas.

Our vacation trip helped give us great respect for the pre-Columbian peoples of Peru and Bolivia for the immense efforts that went into the creation of their monuments, cities, and extensive agricultural terraces over thousands of years all over the Andes and Pacific coast. It is obvious that the work ethic and ingenuity of ancient South American peoples continues in the traditions of modern peoples in all the areas we traveled.

We hope to arrange travel with your company again in the very near future. We also highly recommend your services to travelers who want a first-class vacation experience in Peru. This was not our first travel experience with Peruvian Odyssey, having traveled under arrangements and itinerary created and led by your company in other parts of Peru in 2008, which was why we chose your company again to arrange and lead our vacation itinerary this year.

Jerry and Patty
Jerry and Patti Grandel & Ben and Brenda GoodenFlorida, USA