Your tour company, Peruvian Odyssey, took care of us from the moment we arrived to the moment we left. We were pampered, expertly guided, watched over and treated like VIPs the entire time. It will be hard to take another tour in other countries (do you offer tours in other countries in South America?) as you have set both mine and Carter’s expectations quite high.

The highlights for me:

1. Roberto who was there at the beginning and end in Lima.
2. Glady’s who was like a walking National Geographic magazine. She knew EVERY piece in the Museum Lorca. And she knows history, politics, economics and more about Peru and Lima.
3. Museum Lorca, one of the world’ BEST.
4. the Peruvian buffet lunch with Gladys on the first day!! Wow!
5. Rio Sagrado Jr. Suite, one of the better hotels (service, grounds, bungalow, meals, location) that I have experienced.
6. the anthropological wonder of being part of a highlands family for a day–WOW! it was like being part of a National Geographic story being written.
7. Marcial as our guide, he is efficient, smart, insightful, always willing to aid and assist, a good listener and flexible.
8. Machu Picchu, one of the world’s treasures.
9. The beauty of the highlands landscape and mountain ranges, valleys, rivers which I never knew would be so majestic and appealing.
10. Inkaterra Machu Picchu a Garden of Eden on earth.
11. Cusco, great shopping, great restaurants and some interesting sightseeing too.
12. Michel, the organizer responsible for all who was always a pleasure to work with.

Thank you all!